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sell for a loss

  • don't sell your gold at 'gold parties': too many people getting a cut which means you get less.
  • don't sell to the fly-by-night gold buyers that have popped up on every corner: they are out for a quick buck.
  • don't sell to the traveling roadshows that set up in hotels: they pay low and then move on to the next town.
  • don't sell to expensive retail stores: they have high mark-ups when selling and large mark-downs when buying from you.
  • don't ever ever mail your gold and jewelry to some unknown company out of town.

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ronda albright & randy jones of global gems & jewelry

ronda albright & randy jones of global gems & jewelry

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  • estate jewelry
  • antique jewelry
  • fine jewelry
  • platinum jewelry
  • diamond jewelry
  • gemstone jewelry
  • designer jewelry


  • gold jewelry
  • broken jewelry
  • gold watches
  • dental gold
  • gold coins
  • gold bars
  • gold nuggets


  • sterling silver
  • silverware
  • flatware
  • plates/bowls
  • silver jewelry
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  • industrial silver


  • all sizes
  • all shapes
  • all cuts
  • all qualities
  • loose or set
  • chipped/broken
  • cut or rough


  • sapphires
  • rubies
  • emeralds
  • all precious
  • semi-precious
  • loose or set
  • cut or rough


  • all gold coins
  • all silver coins
  • all platinum coins
  • silver dollars
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  • foreign coins
  • paper money


  • perals
  • jade
  • ivory
  • coral
  • geodes
  • minerals
  • specimens